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Our Cloth Diaper Experience


Our son, Baby with Cents, is now 16 months old and we have used disposable diapers on him for the past four months now. But before that, we used cloth diapers and it was quite a fun and interesting experience using it.

How we decided to use cloth diapers instead of disposables?

When Mother with Cents was pregnant, we went through many items that we would need for the baby. And when we brought up diapers, she had been researching cloth diapers and loved the idea of using it. I did not know much about cloth diapers so I did my own research to understand the differences between cloth and disposables, the different types of cloth diapers, how to fold them, and the different diaper covers.
I figured that we didn’t have to worry about adding more trash and running out of diapers since we could reuse them. I also wouldn’t have look for sales on diapers every month or so to stock up on them. Also, the diaper covers look pretty cool. Check it out:

Pre Fold Diapers and Diaper Covers

So I thought let’s try it out. I was all in for the cloth diapers and MWC was more than happy that I was on board with this crucial decision. We checked out a few cloth diaper companies online and figured that we go with a company called Green Mountain Diapers. Their prices were very reasonable especially their organic pre-fold cloth diapers. We ordered two dozen of them for about $70 along with 5 diapers covers for around $10 each. For those not in the cloth diaper game, pre-fold diapers are one of the more cheaper types compared to the other ones and you use it by folding into thirds, lay into a the cover and fasten hook and loop or snap closures. Once the diapers arrived we practiced using it along with the covers and everything was good to go. We were all set with the diaper part of the baby arrival.

More supply of cloth diapers

During her pregnancy, MWC would often checked for toy giveaways from neighbors for our baby. Once we saw a posting, she would contact the neighbor to see if it was already taken from another neighbor. If it wasn’t taken, we would drive over there and pick up the items. We received many toys like a toy piano, kitchen set, lawnmower and even a stroller that we currently use for BWC. One day MWC saw a post from a neighbor who lived five minutes from us and was giving away a lot of toys and some diapers. So we figured it was disposable diapers but decided to stop by and check out the toys anyway. Once we got there, their front gate was open and we immediately went inside where we saw the mom in a room full of toys. We scoped them and picked out the toys we wanted to take. And as were picking the toys she showed us her supply of diapers…it was cloth and lots of them. Here is the diapers we got from that mom:

Insert Diapers. Photo Credit:

She gave us diapers that were made from a company called Best Bottom diapers. With these you lay the insert into the diaper cover, slide the insert and cover under the baby, and snap closures. They were easier to prep than the pre folds that we bought. She had about a dozen that we could immediately use on BWC and another dozen diapers that we used when he turned six months old. Also on top of the diapers were about to get, she also gave us about 5-6 covers for them. You could say that we were in cloth diaper heaven.

Using the cloth diapers on our newborn

When Baby with Cents arrived, we temporary used disposables since the doctors recommended the cloth diapers could touch the healing belly button and may cause an infection. Once his belly button healed we immediately used the cloth diapers and it looked nice on him:

Baby with Cents with his aqua diaper cover

As with other babies at this stage, he went through about ten diapers a day. And with our supply of three dozen diapers we had to put the dirty diapers in the wash every other day. This routine went on for about another three months. At four months, he started to use fewer diapers a day which meant less times to put it in the wash where it went from 4 times a week to 2-3 times.

Is their savings on using cloth diapering?

This one is tricky. With disposables, it’s the cost of buying the diapers from the store which means a lot during the baby’s first year. With cloth diapers, you have to factor in not only the upfront costs (the diapers and covers) but also the increased usage of water and electricity from the washing machine/dryer and more detergent for the diapers. Based on some research, using cloth diapers compared to disposables during the first year, the price difference is a ‘wash’ like literally. Although upfront price for buying disposables compared to cloth is more, the washing, drying, and detergent use makes up the price difference between the two diapers. Where you save on cloth is if you have a second child and use it on the second newborn. Your only worry for cost is the resources (wash/dry/detergent) for reusing the cloth diapers. The savings go up the longer you use cloth. In short, do you save using cloth diaper on one baby? Maybe not. Using it on two or more babies? Definitely.
In our case with the donation of insert diapers we received from our neighbors and the fact that we hang dry the diapers on some occasions to bypass the dryer, we saved an okay amount by going the cloth diaper route.

Final Thoughts

After BWC’s first birthday, he started to eat more solid food which resulted on more #2’s. The two of us did not want to deal with the increased number of poop diapers to wash so we decided to switch to disposables. But the experience of cloth diapers from that first year was something we would not forget. The cool looking covers, the fact of we could reuse them as many times as we want instead of increasing our garbage use if we had to use disposables, and it saved us money compared to using disposables. If we do have a second baby we will definitely go the cloth diapering route again.


  1. Tim Kim @ Tub of Cash

    July 20, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    Hmm, given that it’s practically a “wash” I’ll pass XD We used disposables with our baby, and continue to do so. The only downside is the increase in garbage, but that’s nothing compared to having to rewash the stuff constantly. Props to you guys for trying it for a year!

  2. AdventureRich

    July 21, 2017 at 4:02 am

    Wow- you guys are brave! I’m not going to lie, I thought about cloth diapering for a hot minute, got scared and never really considered it again… but I am very impressed with families who pursue this route!
    ~Mrs. Adventure Rich

  3. That blue diaper with the Velcro (and the Baby with Cents belly it’s attached to in the photo) is adorable! All the cloth diapers you showed look adorable — because they’re CLEAN.

    This is just one of those areas where I’d be glad technology has made advances and go for disposables, but do some smart comparison shopping.

    • Thanks for commenting Mrs. Groovy. That blue diaper was probably my favorite of all the ones he wore. It stood out the most.
      Cloth diapers are bit easier to use today than 20-30 years ago. Maybe their will be a point in time cloth diapers gets more convenient to use, more parents will opt for it

  4. We use cloth diapers for our son. It’s fine for the most part. We bought used diapers in order to see if we’d like it and it turned out pretty well. He’s about to reach two and the only time we use disposables is at night. He was having too many wet diapers that were leaking so we switched. With baby #2 on the way we figured we’ll get good use 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment MSM, congrats on baby #2. Good to hear that you had a good experience with the cloth diapers. Baby with Cents had the same issue too for his overnight diaper. So what we did was put an insert diaper in his pre fold to take up more of the moister and he didn’t have any leakage after that.

  5. We used cloth diapers too and loved them! I had a friend that told us all about it and then left it up to Omar to decide of we would do it or not because I didn’t want to cloth diaper “alone”. And to my surprise… He chose to go with cloth diapers. We did use disposables at first because we got some as gifts, and then we slowly transitioned into the cloth diapers. Our son used them until he was almost 1.5 when he started figuring out how to take them off (we used a combination of the same ones you did). We didn’t seem to notice a difference in our water or electric bill. And we’re looking forward to using them again whenever we have another child!

    • Yeah we got disposables too as gifts from baby showers and since our doctors recommended using disposables until his belly button healed, it was good timing.
      Thats good your water/electric bill did not have a significant difference with all the constant washing and drying of the diapers. Our bill was up when he was using the cloth diapers but it wasn’t really an outrageous increase to the point where we should reconsider using all disposables.

  6. Nice write up. We’ve taken pretty much the same path of disposables the first couple weeks and cloth since then. We will occasionally use disposables at night as sometimes the cloth will irritate the little guy’s skin.

    Going back to the beginning though I was all in on prefolds and my wife wanted to try all-in-ones and pockets so we picked up a few of each. Now after 7 months I hate using the prefolds and use up all the clean all-in-ones the first chance I get 😖 Let’s just say she hasn’t let me forget that the prefolds were my idea to start.

    The washing certainly can get old at times but so far we feel good about choosing cloth.

    • Hey thanks for stopping by Derek, fellow dad! 🙂 The all-in-ones are so convenient, its the closet thing to disposables. But the price of the all in ones was the main reason why we held back on them and just went with the pre folds. The one thing pre folds have the advantage over the all in ones is with the covers, you can keep using them until they have a stain or have a bad odor. With the all in ones you have to put them in the wash after one use. That’s one thing you could say to your wife whenever she brings up that pre folds was your idea. =)

  7. This post was so interesting- we don’t have kids yet but my husband was convinced that cloth diapers were significantly cheaper. I didn’t realize that cloth diapers were so….expensive? Huh, since the cost savings aren’t as huge as we thought maybe we’ll reconsider regular diapers

    • Both of you may consider doing a trail and error where you can buy a dozen cloth diapers for a few weeks/month to see if you like it and if you could deal with increased water/electric bill. To cut down time using the dryer, you can hang dry the diapers for a day then put it in the dryer for 20-30 minutes to have it soft.

  8. We only used cloth for our kids but even from the first we saved so much money cause we got so many so cheap its really a good deal if you get a good price and ends up becoming cheaper after only a few uses so great

  9. I would definitely not call the first year a wash – but we have a super efficient washer, line dry during the summer months, and our son went through a good 15-20 diapers a day as a newborn 😂

    We’re working on potty training now that he’s closing in on 3YO (and fighting the potty the whole way), I’d say we’ve definitely gotten our use out of the diapers – and the poop actually gets easier once they’re on more solids and it gets ploppable. So it really is just toss in the laundry every couple of days.

    But I’m also the crazy one who even takes them on airplanes for vacation.

    • We went through the same amount of diapers as well when he was a newborn but it was a good experience using cloth diapers during that time because disposing that many diapers would have meant lots of garbage and not enjoying him wearing your average disposable diaper. Wearing those cloth diapers with the cool looking diaper covers is something we remembered.
      We’re the opposite when Baby with Cents started to poop more solids when he turned 1. We didn’t want to handle getting poop out of the cloth diaper and it started to leave permanent stains on it(also it didn’t help that we didn’t invest in a diaper sprayer) and thus we switched to disposables when he was 13 months.
      Lol, you guys are brave for taking them in airplanes. We are imagining Baby with Cents always crying once he steps foot on a plane and throughout the flight. Maybe when he starts going to preschool is when we’ll take him in his first flight.

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