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Reflections After Two Months of Blogging


When I launched about a two months ago, I didn’t really know what to expect.  One of the goals was to make as much content as I can. About a few weeks before starting up the blog, I wrote down a list of topics that I could elaborate about knowing that I could put it into detail as much as possible. I am still trying to get ahead of schedule because as of this writing I only have one other post ready to go.

Another goal was to share the readers my experiences and tips and how it all weaves into a personal finance perspective.  From discussing about finance, cutting cable, cloth diapering, parenting, to hiking, I wanted readers to know my knowledge of these occurrences and hopefully it will help anyone out in the personal finance community or just casual readers.

Getting the blog up was an adventure

A few weeks before I launched my blog in July, I tinkered with creating the blog itself.  The template, font, and setup were tougher than I expected.  Initially I thought it would be an easy setup where I would pick my template, setup where my menu would go, have widgets on the side and have a readable font.  But with the tedious functions like the ‘Read More’ feature, getting my ‘What Am I Reading Now’ widget, putting the blog posts on the front page and placing my logo it was more an adventure than anything.  I will not go into detail about every encounter I had to create the blog but I will say that I learned that your just have to be patience in creating one because it’s not exactly a quick 10-15 minute setup.  Well at least for me, hopefully for others it was easier.

I did have another blog about eight years ago but that was shared with other friends where we just post our common interests and usually attach videos to it so there wasn’t any postings that had full details and our circle of friends was the audience.  This is very different where everything is on my account and the audience is a wider range of people who have an interest in personal finance.

One of pleasant surprises I’ve had seen is the great amount of PF bloggers that are on social media whether it’s on Twitter or Instagram.  On top of that is the support they have for each other.  We all want to help out as much as can and supporting everyone’s blog, posts, interactions on social media has been really FUN.  That is another surprise I have encountered.  Coming in I thought that I would just work on the postings, try to promote it as much as I can and read and comment on other bloggers posting.  But the fun exchanges on twitter and side jokes we have which makes me look forward to checking on my twitter feed.

Also reading other bloggers’s posts are great and really learn new things from them.  But with the overwhelming amount of them in the PF community it’s really hard to catch up to read all of them.  Thus after reading an endless amount of posts for the first few weeks in July, I started cut it down to a rotation of 10-15 bloggers throughout the week with exception of any interesting post I see on my twitter feed.  Overall it’s so awesome that a lot of PF bloggers want to share their own experiences and it’s with great support from the other bloggers.

Twitter and Instagram are my Go-To Social Media Platforms

In terms of marketing my blog, both Twitter and Instagram are my two outlets and will keep it that way. With Twitter, it is by far the easiest and most interactive social media platform.  You can link your posting, retweet other blogger’s posting that you really like to your followers and exchange conservations with the other bloggers.  It’s almost like a daily interactive meeting where people share their insights and others provide feedback to your opinion.

With Instagram you can only post pictures and get feedback on comments but your pictures can provide not only your postings but also pictures of your everyday life that does not involve your blog.  It can be a pictures shopping, places you’re enjoying the part of your day or maybe even not enjoying.  Some even post pictures of financial goals they are trying to accomplish. Basically showing another side of you and what they like to do is the purpose, brings more of the human element.

Pinterest is one I will not touch….yet.  From what I read, it’s not exactly the easiest social media platform to market your blog but if done right, you can attract a lot of readers to your blog.  I know that there are free courses online on how to get through the Pinterest puzzle of marketing your blog but as of now I will not deal with Pinterest.  I do have a Pinterest account for my private account but that is for hobbies and parenting articles where I’m the reader and not the one promoting.  Maybe within a few months I will read up more on Pinterest.

The same goes for Facebook.  I’m really not into that platform.  I also have a private account with them but I barely log on nowadays.  Maybe once a month I’ll check in just to see how friends I don’t see that much anymore are doing.  But in terms of opening an account for the blog, I would rather open one for Pinterest first than Facebook.

Concluding This Blogging Reflection….

In summary, it has been a great experience so far interacting and getting to know fellow PF bloggers.  Also learning how to create a blog, market it, and always want to improve my writing.  After college, I thought that I’d never write postings like this.  I wasn’t really great in writing throughout my college years so I thought that would be the end of my writing career.  But writing in this format is better than I thought.  Probably because it’s all based on my personal experiences and thus makes it easier.

If you asked me a couple years ago or heck maybe a year ago if I wanted to create a personal finance blog and write my experiences on the internet, the thought would have never crossed my mind.  At that time I just wanted to read and learn from PF bloggers like Mrs. FrugalWoods, Jeff Rose, Financial Samurai, and listening to Farnoosh Torabi’s ‘So Money’ podcast.  They were my outlet when I wanted to know how to build on my savings after I wiped off all my debt.

It’s been a fun time doing this these first two months and looking forward to having more great times recollecting more experiences that I want to share with you, sharing pictures on Instagram, interacting with the other bloggers on Twitter, and just have fun with this whole experience.


  1. thefinancialjourneyman

    September 12, 2017 at 6:19 am

    Thanks for sharing about your first 2 months of blogging. I am coming up on 6 months. It is truly an adventure. The people in the pf space are very supportive.

  2. Woohooo, nice job! I’m with you, so far, I thought blogging would be a bit easier (especially on the tech side), but I love the community and have been learning a ton in our 4 months 🙂

  3. Congrats on making it two months! Sometimes I feel like people go gangbusters and get super burned out too fast. And I’m not touching Pinterest now, either. At least, not until I have a way to retain that traffic 🙂

    • Appreciate it Luxe! Those first few weeks for me was nuts! I didn’t know how keep pace with providing content, going on Twitter/Instagram, and reading other blogs and commenting. It felt like a race. But around late July, I figured to just slow down and enjoy the experience. And it’s been better for me ever since.
      Let me know if/when you hop on the Pinterest bandwagon!! I may join too.

  4. Congrats on making it to the 2 month mark! The friendliness of this community suprised me too. I really don’t think there’s any other community as friendly as our personal finance one to be honest. Don’t get burned out either, I was burned out when I hit 3 months. If it wasn’t having cool people with my interests, I don’t think I would still be blogging with fevor.

    • I agree, this community is as friendly and supportive as you can get. It’s like an escape from the ‘other’ side of Twitter where they’re are ‘trolls’ and angry twitter exchanges just to see who will get the upper hand in a conversation. The PF community side is like a breath of fresh air.
      After those first few weeks I slowed down and just enjoyed the friendliness of all the bloggers. It made it easier to do everything else. Thanks Lily!!

  5. Congrats on 2 months of blogging, Kris! I really enjoy reading blogging because they help me learn from others’ experiences. I, too, struggle with getting ahead of schedule. I believe in that magical day when I’ll be one month ahead of schedule!

  6. Wow! Has it really been two months? Time flew by fast. Makes me wonder how old my blog is lol. Congrats to making 2 months! Blogging is a fun experience and it comes with a challenge. I’m like you where it’s hard to find the time to write but I do look forward to reading your new posts. 🙂

  7. Congrats on two months! I’m still trying to figure out Pinterest, and I think.. So it all boils down to fancy graphics now? Is that all we are interested in?

    I agree people in the PF community are so friendly! I like Instagram too and I’m not touching Facebook either. I closed my personal account last year and it’s been great. I worry if I start a blog Facebook account I might regress back to a personal Facebook account. 🙂

    • Hey thanks GYM!! I think the graphics and pictures are what attracts readers on Pinterest. When I first signed up on there with my private account I randomly found parenting tips by just how the graphics and pictures look like and pinned them on my account. And they were all helpful tips on what to feed your baby, baby stages and so on.

  8. I just started my blog last week and there is nothing as inspiring as someone who is ahead of you speaking so highly of the process. I am following you on twitter ASAP!

    I did not know about the PF community will definitely be looking into that. Thank you for this post.

  9. Congrats on your 2 month blog anniversary, Kris! How time flies! I still remember that day when you told me you were setting up a new PF blog. I was so excited to check it out. Pinterest has been a challenge for me too. And yes, I love Twitter! ^.^

    • Yes I do remember that day Ms. FAF!! I message you on twitter that I was starting one and letting you know how time consuming it was putting the blog up. Right after I told you that you immediately check it out and I was so happy that you did because you were my first reader. Thanks for the inspiration Ms. FAF, will always be grateful for that!! =)

  10. Congrats on 2 months!! I think the best part of pf blogging is absolutely the interactions! I think we interact more than other blogging circles–I used to have a fashion blog and all the comments were just “cute outfit” (not that there was much discussion provoking content in the post, usually :P).

    • The interactions we all have with one another is great. We can learn, make jokes, and share our experiences with each other. And it’s because we want support each other and hopefully we keep accomplishing our goals financially and personally.
      Thanks Jing!!

  11. Congratulations on 2 months of blogging! I bet it came up quicker than you thought it would huh? It’s been great following you along thus far.

    I can so relate to trying to getting overwhelmed with reading other people’s blogs and commenting as well as working on my blog. Sometimes it can be like information overload! I can also relate to trying to stay ahead with the blog. We have some posts written already and several ideas for other posts. However, I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to proof reading and making pictures for the post that most of the time I don’t finish everything until right before I hit “publish”. I’m slowly working on doing better with all of the above though! 😬

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