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Giving Recognition

matt-jones-42954Since this week is Thanksgiving, I decided to dedicate this post to the people that have led me into the personal finance world and got me to where I am at today. Without

them, I would not have been on this journey to consistently keep track of my finances, have more of an understanding on how to build my income, trying to get financially independent, have a blog, joining a great personal finance community and discovering that I have this passion of personal finance.

Without further ado, here the people I want to thank.

Farnoosh Torabi – After learning about the subject of personal finance in 2015, I started to look around the web and see who I can listen to and learn more about this subject. Farnoosh had just started her podcast, ‘So Money’ in that same year and was putting put episodes five days a week. She would interview guests about various subjects on personal finance like handling retirement accounts, types of investment accounts to open, best ways to handle your money and side hustles. I would say for a period of about five months I would listen to every episode for her podcast. I would even ask questions for her Friday segment ‘Ask Farnoosh’ where listeners would submit questions to her that relate to finances. With her podcast, Farnoosh definitely gave to better perspective of why handling my finances are important to only for me but also for my family.

Jeff Rose – A fellow fan of In N Out burger, I discovered Jeff on Twitter and instantly read his blog, goodfinanicalcents. His content provided me tips on how to deal with my retirement account create specific financial goals and learning about the 529 plan(college fund). He had an article on his blog about why should you not have target date funds and pointed the high fees they provided. I had those type of funds at the time and indeed my target date fund fees where really high and immediately rebalanced my 401K account to sell all my shares of that fund. I also read his book, ‘Solider of Finance’ in which the compares his service in the military to personal finance. It is a great read for those that want to understand more about handling your finances.

Mrs Frugalwoods – During my consistent listening of Farnoosh’s ‘So Money’, she had a guest on by the name of Mrs. Frugalwoods in the fall of 2015. She talked about her blog, the frugal lifestyle and how she got into it with her husband Mr. Frugalwoods. They had this vision of retiring early and moving from their home in Boston to a homestead in the Northeast. Up to this point I never heard anyone talked about retiring early and living financially independent. So being curious about this subject matter I checked her blog and to my pleasure she had various subjects that interest me to the point of writing one myself. From hiking to cutting the cord, the different subject matters Mrs. Frugalwoods wrote made me keep reading her blog at least once a week since her appearance on ‘So Money.’ And even with her success today by reaching that goal of moving the a homestead in Vermont, appearing on ‘Today’, NBC’s morning show and having her own book coming out soon she still brings in many readers to her blog today.

Ms. Frugal Asian Finance – As I was doing my weekly reading of Frugalwoods, I checked the comments section on a post this past May and saw blogger by the name of ‘Ms. Frugal Asian Finance.’ My immediate reaction was, ‘Whoa, an Asian blogger.’ As an Asian myself I decided to click on the link to her blog. To this point, I did not really know any Asian bloggers that discussed personal finance and frugality. That’s probably because I was not really researching and just kept reading Mrs. Frugalwoods and listening to ‘So Money.’ After checking out Ms. FAF’s blog, I subscribed to it and send her an email complimenting her on the wonderful subjects she writes about how to save and marriage. I think she was taken aback by it because on her next post she briefly wrote about the email I wrote to her and how excited she was receiving direct message from a reader.

Her post about creating your a blog persuaded me to contemplate creating my own. I was hesitant at first because I did not know if I had enough content to do something like this. But after glancing through other blogs and reflecting on my own experiences, I eventually decided to start my own. Without Ms. FAF I would not have been able to interact with other awesome personal finance bloggers and probably would just been a casual reader to finance blogs. I’m still waiting for her and her blog sister to make it big time and write for a major publication. I believe it’s a matter of time.


There it is, the four people that have made me look and reflect about this great subject of personal finance. Also I want to thank the financial podcasts I that have been not only informative but also entertaining on my commute to and from work during the work week. Stacking Benjamins, Afford Anything, Smart Passive Income, Marriage, Kids & Money, Fire Drill Podcast, FI Podcast and of course So Money.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Thanks for the podcast love! I’m happy to hear that I’m keeping you entertained on your commute. Good luck with your journey toward financial independence.

    • Thanks for stopping by Andy. I forgot to add that your podcasts and the other ones I listen to is very informative on top of being entertained. Congrats again on paying off your mortgage!

  2. Aww thank you so much for the shout-out, Kris! You’re too sweet!

    I still remember the very moment I saw your email in my Inbox. It was my first ever email from a reader. I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling and telling Mr. FAF about it. Thanks to your great question, I wrote a post about how to buy a house in DC. It was so surreal!

    I was SUPER excited when you told me you were starting a blog. I just couldn’t wait to see it. It’s great to have you as a fellow blogger. ^.^

    Wishing success coming your way! 🙂

    • Thanks Ms FAF! I will always appreciate you for getting me into blogging. It was something I would never think of getting into and here I am about four months in and really enjoying the experience of being part of this great PF community.

  3. This is a lovely post, and I am thankful that YOU Kris have created a blog and that you create such thoughtful posts and spend time writing thoughtful comments! I look forward to your housing post about which house you Family with Cents is going to get! 🙂

    • Hey appreciate the kind words GYM, I try to make them as thoughtful as I can. Hahaha like the Family with Cents reference, haven’t thought of that one. Yeah hopefully that post will be coming soon since it’s a great time to buy one with the cold weather and all.

  4. Giving recognition is huge, especially in the blogging word. I use to do this a lot when I was manager for my company. A handwritten letter of thanks, or a personal shout out publicly like you did here is your article affect people very profoundly and gives them a sense of pride and self worth!

    • Thanks for the comment Craig. I wanted to give them the recognition they deserve because they provide me a guide to PF world and the blogging community.

  5. This is such a cool post and a great way to show thanks in the personal finance world. I’m thankful to have met you, another asian blogger 🙂

    • So thankful to meet you too on here Melanie!! We all need to help each other to get out of debt and build our wealth. And expressing it on blogs and podcasts are great ways to do that.

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