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Give Me a High Five – My Five Goals for 2018


I haven’t written down goals before because I never had the urge to really sit down and think what I need to get done for the upcoming year.  I’m more of a daily goals type of person.  The night before I would think about what I need to do for the following day.  An good example would be: run errands, have an agenda for my work day in order to get tasks done, show up to appointments, make sure Baby with Cents has his morning and evening milk, talk to Mother with Cents of what needs to be done for that day then have a review of our day in the evening.  So the thought of having goals for a whole year never really had an importance to me until I started this blog and read how others had their goals done on a yearly basis.  And after reading so many of them for the first few weeks of year, I got so inspired by them that I sat back and thought what I need to do to feel that my goals would be accomplished for the upcoming year.  After going through my personal and financial situation, here is what I want to accomplish for 2018:

Buy a Home

I wrote on a previous post a few months ago that we were looking for a home.  It has been almost a year since we started our search and we have been very patience throughout this process.  Looking to buy a home on the SF Bay Area is a tall task.  Being one of the most expensive areas in the country, finding the right home at the right price around here is something that is hard to do.  But we have been debt-free for close to six years now and we have saved up a lot.  With the addition of Baby with Cents for almost a couple years, it has accelerated our desire to buy our first home together.  We are ready to put a huge down payment for one and hopefully there can be a slight dip in housing prices especially during this time of year when they are supposed to be low.  We still have the outlook of being patience but at the same time jump on one that fits our needs.

Get Back to a Workout Routine

I used to be gym rat.  From college until I got married, I owned a gym membership and took advantage of it by going at least a few times a week.  There was a stretch for about five years that I would go about four times a week.  So I was pretty much addicted to going.  When I got married and moved to our current place in SF, I quit my gym membership because it would have been a real hassle to drive from the gym to our place. But I found different ways to keep a workout routine for free.   I did P90X from bootleg DVDs, workout videos from Youtube and ran once a week along the beach by our place.  Along with the hiking we did, I was in pretty good shape pre-baby.

When Baby with Cents arrived, my workout routine was dropped completely and for good reason.  For almost two years now my workout consists of pushing Baby with Cents on his stroller and carrying him through the supermarket, department stores and parties.  I also gained to good amount of weight throughout that time but it didn’t matter because all I cared about is making sure Baby with Cents was progressing well.  As is he approaching two now, he has been a bit less dependent which means I have a small amount of time to get a workout routine in.  I started doing some workout bands and abs work three times a week for a month and hopefully it will gradually increase throughout the year.

Help Baby with Cents with His Milestones

Now that Baby with Cents has have gone through the crawling, walking, teething and talking stages now it’s time for another milestone we will hopefully help him accomplish by the end of the year, potty training.  Since this is our only kid (maybe more?!? Idk) we don’t have any experience in this area.  So we will lean on friends, family and online research to see the best way to approach this important stage in his young life.  I know it won’t be easy so we may go through nights where he wets himself and keep training him to use the bathroom until he gets it on a consistent basis.  Currently he knows about the toilet and why we use it.  We bought a potty toilet around first birthday  and he has used it a few times when he goes #2 but he has not made the effort to want to use it recently.  We will make a better effort at potty training this year and hopefully it will succeed by the end of the year.

Other milestones we want help accomplish is talking in full sentences, throwing/catching a ball, jumping, reciting the books he read and nursery rhymes(he got “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” down already), building block towers instead of always knocking them down, know his colors and alphabets, and show increasing separation anxiety.  Hopefully we can help accomplish most of them but all of them would be very encouraging to us.

Keep Our Savings Rate around 70%

If you have seen my month expense report, you know that we keep our expenses very low.  A lot of contributing factors have made it at a low amount ($1000 rent for one) and it has helped us extremely is having our savings rate average out to 70%.  Hopefully we can keep it going but if we definitely buy a home this year, the percentage may drop to 60% which is still fine by us.  I can always alter my goal, right?!

Continuing the Blog

Hey I paid for the blog until November so no reason to waste my money and continue to share my stories and advice to all you great readers.  Plus I love doing it especially my monthly expense report aka Expense Chronicles.  I was already doing a monthly personal income spreadsheet before my blog launched so it was smooth transition to keep track of my monthly expenses. The only difference is that I had to add words along with the numbers of what I spend on the past month.

And I like all the interactions within this great community. It keeps me wanting to come up with more topics to write about. Continuing this blog is something I want to keep doing for the duration of 2018.

What do you think my goals for 2018? Any goals you want to share for new year? Please feel free to comment below.


  1. Love these goals! Since November I’ve been keeping up much more with my exercise goals. It definitely feels good to get back to it; it’s the first week that’s always the hardest for me. Good luck with the potty training! You all can do it. 🙂

    • Thanks Mrs. Picky Pincher!! I started my workout routine in December and it was tough that first week like you mention but when you get into that routine after that initial first week it gets a bit easier to go and workout.

  2. Ohhh the house shopping is going to be a fun update to read! Which neighborhoods are you looking into? Buying a house in SF is like buying 3 houses anywhere else in the US 😥

    • Tell me about it! The prices around here are insane. I know it’s been that way for the longest time but now I’m in the market for one it is so crazy that some of these houses in the Sunset would go for $200-$300K in other parts of the country but here it’s close to a million bucks.
      We mainly looking in the peninsula since it’s a bit cheaper than the city. Daly City, SSF, San Bruno are where we’re targeting.

  3. I’ve been a daily/monthly goals kind of person as well, so this is my first year with a big annual goal. Good luck to us!

    And I hear you on the gym thing… I worked out 4-6 days a week up until my son was born (I ran until a week and a half before I went into labor). I’ve got my run to work Wednesday mornings, but I’m struggling to make more than that happen.

    • Yes, cheers to that Angela! It’s no joke when the saying “everything changes” is true when you have kids. And with working out, you don’t have enough time to get one in. But at the same time, it’s the least of your worries when your caring for a newborn.
      Hopefully both of us can get into a workout routine for all of 2018.
      Wow, you ran until a week before you went into labor!?! That’s some dedication, I just went on short walks with Mother with Cents up until she went to labor!

  4. 70% savings rate!? You may have become my new best friend!

    I am jealous of the “buying a home” goal. My fiancee and I are beginning to fund our starter home fund and we will be saving for 3 years before we buy. I wish you all the best in your house search!

    • Hey thanks for stopping by Sean! Hahaha, we are fortunate to be in this position to have that high of a savings rate and hopefully we maintain it this year.
      Keep focus on that goal on saving for a home and hopefully you two will be in position to buy one within that 3 year mark.

  5. I can’t wait to hear more about your house hunt stories!! That’s an awesome goal to have in 2018 but no need to rush. Whatever is the right fit!

    You certainly do have very low expenses and that’s impressive!!! Keep up the great work with your savings rate. And yes it is okay to adjust your rate to 60% as long as you’re still meeting your financial goals.

    I hope you will be able to work out a bit more often now that baby with cents is growing (at least more than before).

    Maybe you can throw in some DIY projects like the kitchen you mentioned for baby with cents 😊

    • Thanks Panda! After looking at Pinterest for some DIY projects, we are planning sometime this year to get some old drawers from neighbors giving them away and re-purposing it to make a play kitchen/bathroom sink for Baby with Cents.

  6. Ok I can’t believe Angela ran 1.5 weeks before labor!! Lol 🙂 amazing!

    A lot of people work out on their lunch break when they have kids. My brother in law does this.

    It’s been hard for me too I used to run but now it’s just workout videos at home. Those are great goals and best wishes in 2018! My husband still fits it in and wakes up at 5:30-6:00 to workout before the day gets started for us.

    I look forward to your house hunters SF posts!! 😉

    • Yeah I had to read that again, that’s some dedication right there!!
      Lately I’ve been doing some walking during my lunch breaks and I plan to do it for about three times a week. Hopefully I can maintain it.
      Ohh man, 5:30 in the morning!?! I wish I would wake up that early to workout but since I sleep around 11 or sometimes midnight I need more time to sleep which is why my workouts are in the evenings.
      I’ll keep you guys posted on our house hunting!

  7. Damn, I don’t remember where I saw it. Maybe it was on Real Clear Markets. Anyway, someone reported on the latest Case-Shiller Index and it looks like houses with two or more bedrooms in San Francisco are actually coming down in price. I hope that’s true for your sake, Kris. Best of luck with home-buying, working out, blogging, and helping Baby with Cents ace his potty training. Cheers, my friend.

    • Thanks Mr. Groovy, appreciate the support. Right now housing prices around here are still sky high but hopefully that report will come true and prices will go down at some point this year.

  8. The only thing worse than trying to buy a house in the Washington DC region is trying to do the same in the San Francisco region. Good luck with that, I don’t envy you guys!

    • Dude, housing prices in DC would be considered cheap compared to here in the Bay Area!! Thanks for the support AF!!

  9. Great goals you have there! I am also hoping to revive my workout routine in 2018 …life and blogging pretty much killed my workout schedule last year! Best wishes to you this year!

    • Thanks for stopping by Enoch!! Hopefully we all get back on a workout routine this year and keep it constant. Appreciate the support!

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