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My 2017 Expenses Sankey Style


I originally wanted to write a post about my 2017 expenses by doing a straight forward summary of each category but I came upon a couple of posts from 99to1percent and Lily from The Frugal Gene in December.  It was the Sankey Diagram of simply money coming in and how it flows out.  I thought it was a great visualization of how of where the money is going.  So let’s get to it, here is my Sankey Diagram for 2017:


Breakdown of this Sankey Diagram

Most of the income were coming from both mines and Mother with Cents paychecks throughout the year.  This also includes the check I received from the State of California last February for taking two weeks for family leave.  I qualified since Baby with Cents didn’t turn one and parents are eligible in to take family leave during the baby’s first year.  Other streams of income were money gifts that we received from Baby with Cents’ birthday and Christmas.  We immediately put it into his 529 account .

Also thanks to Baby with Cents, we will able to receive a tax refund from both the federal and state for the first time since we were married six years ago.  By claiming him as a dependent, we were able to get a tax deduction.  We were so happy that we received a refund and that we contemplated getting this shirt for him:


Photo Courtesy:

But since our refund wasn’t that much, we skipped out on it.  Hey maybe if we have another kid, we should consider it.

If you have been reading my Expense Chronicles, you pretty much know how our spending habits are so these numbers are pretty much in line.  Our biggest expenses came from our rent and groceries.  If we buy a home sometime this year you can except these numbers to jump a significant amount so we’ll see what 2018 has in store in that end.  We also hope that these grocery expenses will stay the same for the upcoming year but having jump to $4K or even $4,500 for the year wouldn’t hurt a lot.

Investment contributions were for both of our 401K accounts, my IRA and Baby with Cents’ 529 account.  After reviewing them, we are definitely going to increase these contributions in 2018 my maxing out my 401K and using some of the savings to our brokerage accounts.  The rest of the savings from 2017 will most likely add to our down payment for when we find a home.

Sankey Chain

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Do you think Sankey Diagrams are helpful? Please feel free to comment below.


  1. Is this sankey after tax income? I notice there’s not flow for taxes.

    That is a cute onesie!

    Your restaurant spending for 2017 is soooooo admirable especially for a family of 3! I think I spent $1100 alone having meals out with friends lol!

    • Yes our income on the Sankey is after taxes, thought about including it on the graph but wanted to make it simple.
      We try not to go out to eat a lot since that can add up and a monthly run to In N Out and/or another restaurant is good for us.

  2. Omg I want that onesie!!!! Lol!

  3. Wow, Kris!

    I agree with GYM about your Restaurant spending. That is honestly one of our biggest expenses, but you manage it so well! My fiance and I want to reduce our eating out just a little bit to save some money.

    This Sankey diagram is very helpful to see where the money flows. To be honest, I probably won’t be able to draft one of these anytime soon… I admit we’re not that great with tracking our exact cash flows, but we’re improving! >.<

    • You guys should try eat at home a bit more. It will definitely help cut down on going out to eat expenses and might discover more recipes to make at home.
      Maybe try to track your spending for the week and see where it’s going. Once you get the hang of it you may try to track your expenses monthly then yearly.

  4. Dang you crushed it. I would embarrass myself if I did one of these bad boys!

  5. I love the onsie! I would have gotten one for my son if I saw this way back then lol.

    I have never seen a Sankey diagram and this is pretty interesting. I wonder how mines will turn out if I did one lol.

    • Right!! I really wanted to get one for Baby with Cents last year but our refund wasn’t a lot so I thought I wasn’t necessary. Maybe this year…
      You should give it a shot, gives you an idea where your money is going.

  6. I’ve never heard of a Sankey diagram until now. Looks pretty cool!

    Wow! Your savings last year is very impressive! Keep up the good work!! 🙌🏼

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