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I Have An Emergency Fund But Where I Should Park It?


Imagine that you’re driving to a restaurant for lunch and you are within a few blocks of the establishment.  Your immediate thinking is to look for parking. As you’re circling Continue reading

A Personal Finance Checklist for the New Year


The New Year is here!! With so much going on with the holidays now in our rear view Continue reading

If You Are Not Investing in the Stock Market, Do It Now Not Later

rick-tap-110126I read a stat from Gallup Poll recently that only 54% of Americans have money invested in the stock market and 

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I Need to Open a 529 Account, Right?

One of the first things I wanted to do when Mother with Cents was pregnant was open some sort of college fund for our newborn but had no prior knowledge of it. When I
researched and discovered 529 accounts, I had to get a details of why is it better to open one than a good old savings account, the tax advantages, what type of investment plan I should do, which state should I open the account with..etc. As I went through all these questions, a bigger question hovered over me: What if our son does not want to go to college at all?

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