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Give Me a High Five – My Five Goals for 2018


I haven’t written down goals before because I never had the urge to really sit down Continue reading

How Do We Spend (or Not Spend) on Our Holiday Shopping


Happy Holidays!! It’s that time of year where many people around the world are getting Continue reading

Book Review: The Secret Lives of Introverts

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The Secret Lives of Introverts by Jenn Granneman

I was listening to Paula Pant’s podcast, ‘Afford Anything’ and she had a writer named Jenn Granneman as her guest. She is the founder of, a website Continue reading

How Did I Figure Out I’m An Introvert


A few months ago I borrowed a book from the library called “Quiet” by Susan Cain. Continue reading

Interactions about Personal Finance (or lack their of)


I’m probably not alone in saying that the subject of money is not a popular conversation topic.  Wherever I go to meet with people and want to discuss various topics Continue reading