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How I Deal With People Owing Me Money


As far as I can remember, I was always good with paying people back if I owed them money. Even when I was bad in controlling my own money, I always felt it was high

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My Evolving Relationship with Money Part 2


This is the second part of my evolving relationship with money.  Here is part one of the series if you haven’t read it yet.  And now here is my second and last part of my dealings with money. Continue reading

My Evolving Relationship with Money


This a two-part series I am doing on how relationship with money has evolved throughout my adult life.  Today is part one of my series.  So without further ado…. Continue reading

Give Me a High Five – My Five Goals for 2018


I haven’t written down goals before because I never had the urge to really sit down Continue reading

How Do We Spend (or Not Spend) on Our Holiday Shopping


Happy Holidays!! It’s that time of year where many people around the world are getting Continue reading

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