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Financial Advice For Our Son


Side note: I recently did a guest post over at Lily’s blog, The Frugal Gene about how we manage our household finances.  Check it out!   Continue reading

Expense Chronicles – July 2018

Expense Chronicles

Our expense in July got off to a good start.  I received a $100 gift card from Google for Continue reading

Ways on Learning to Learn


I really love the quote, “You learn something new everyday” because practically almost every single day there is a new word, technique, lesson, or something out of the book

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Having Haircuts at Home


For most of my adult life my hair has been always short.  What I mean by that is I usually sport a crew cut and on some occasions I shaved my head bald.  So with that said, having Continue reading

Chronicles of a Father with Cents Turns 1


Wow, has it been 1 year already?! I swear it felt like a couple weeks ago I was trying to figure out how to lay out my blog and coming up with ideas on what to write. It’s funny,

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