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Personal Finance Things I Do Every Month

manasvita-s-844576-unsplash.jpgThis post may contain affiliate links. Please refer to my disclosure and private policy page for more information.   Continue reading

My 2019 Goals


Now that I created my first yearly goals in 2018 and achieved most of them, I am getting the hang on sticking with them and try my hardest to attain them.  Like I mentioned Continue reading

Expense Chronicles – December 2018

Expense Chronicles.jpg

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Expenses on Family Trip to Reno, Nevada


When the month of December started, MwC and me were discussing about taking BwC to seeing snow on the ground for the first time.  And with a good amount raining pouring Continue reading

Review of My 2018 Goals


At the beginning of this year, I made my first attempt to great some goals for the year.  Like I mentioned in that post, I didn’t really keep track of Continue reading

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