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Book Report: Off the Clock

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With work, raising a 2 year old, having to find time to work out and working on this blog I’ve had trouble lately trying to manage my time.  I wanted to look into more by reading Continue reading

Should I Go on the FI Path?


Note: I was one of the contributors on Five Senses of Living blog post about financial mistakes.  Jill from Five Senses of Living reached out to me for quote and I was more than happy to help out.  Here is her blog post. On to my consideration to the FI path: Continue reading

Expense Chronicles – October 2018


This post may contain affiliate links. Please refer to my disclosure and private policy page for more information. Continue reading

Why Do I Save!


As I continue on this financial journey towards having financial freedom, I go through all of my accounts periodically and see how my net worth keeps building.  I have no debt Continue reading

Book Review: Introvert Power

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I haven’t done a book report since the spring when I did the Simple Path of Wealth. I’ve read a few books right after but I didn’t have enough time to go over them and create a Continue reading

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