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Book Review: Introvert Power

Blue Illustrated Leave the Office Early Day Social Media Graphic

I haven’t done a book report since the spring when I did the Simple Path of Wealth. I’ve read a few books right after but I didn’t have enough time to go over them and create a Continue reading

Our Experience during That First Month with a Newborn


Baby with Cents is now two and half years old and is progressing very well by having short conversations now and transitioning into potty training in the next few months.  It Continue reading

Expense Chronicles – September 2018, Strawberry Picking and Attending a Wedding

Expense Chronicles

This post may contain affiliate links. Please refer to my disclosure and private policy page for more information. Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions! My Decision Making Process


When I wake up in the morning (or when BwC wakes me up) I decide to get him his milk, then as he starts drinking, I go ahead and eat my breakfast.  As I get ready for work, I Continue reading

Becoming a One Car Family


When Mother with Cents and I got married, we both had a car and agreed to keep them. Continue reading

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