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My Evolving Relationship with Money


This a two-part series I am doing on how relationship with money has evolved throughout my adult life.  Today is part one of my series.  So without further ado…. Continue reading

Book Report: The Simple Path to Wealth

Blue Illustrated Leave the Office Early Day Social Media Graphic

This is the second book from my 40 day challenge and it’s one that I have wanted to

Continue reading

My 40 Day Challenge Recap


I was reading blog posts like I always do during the week and ran upon 99to1percent’s Continue reading

Expense Chronicles – March 2018, A Birthday Party and Wedding

Expense Chronicles

The month of March brought the Family with Cents a few celebrations, the 2nd Birthday of Baby with Cents where we went out to eat and attend a wedding.  It was a fun time to Continue reading

Making the Most of the Library


Your library should be one of your best friends. They have so much to offer anybody. It is a place that offers so many resources for free. Continue reading

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