I’m Kris, Mr. Father with Cents.  With my wife,  Mrs. Mother with Cents and our 2 year old son, Baby with Cents, we reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I got into personal finance from taking a class at the local community college in 2015 and ever since I have been reading finance blogs, books and listening to podcasts ever since. Blogs like Frugalwoods, Mr. Money Mustache, Good Financial Cents and Passive Income MD have inspired me to create my own journey to financial happiness.

My financial path was not always easy.  I have been debt free for the past five years now but before that I was in debt throughout my 20s that included credit cards, student loans, medical loans and car payments. So I was living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ throughout that whole time. I didn’t give my finances much thought because I would pay the minimum all the time.  It wasn’t until Mrs. Mother With Cents, who was my girlfriend at the time asked about my finances and gave her all my info(cc debt and student loans). She was furious to say the least since she has been great with her finances throughout her life and wanted me to take care of it by our 1st year of marriage. So i went into action and paid off 10K of CC debt within 6 months and right before our wedding, and paid off 40K of student loans(which took me 6 years) 8 months after our wedding.

During these past 5 years of being debt free, we constantly saved, increased our 401k contributions, maxed our IRA contributions, invested in index funds and opened up a 529 for Baby with Cents. .

Please join us as I chronicle our experiences and try to provide you with advice on how to reach not only a financial happiness but a lifestyle as well.